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Organizing Committee

General Chairs

Oscar Mayora, FBK

Stefano Forti, FBK

Program Chairs

Olena Mamykina, Columbia University

Jochen Meyer, OFFIS, DE

Posters Chairs

Margarita Anastassova, CEA

Bert Arnrich, University of Potsdam

Workshops Chairs

Claudio Eccher, FBK

Floriana Grasso, University of Liverpool

Demos Chairs

Natalia Romero, TU Delft

Juan Jimenez, University of Cali

Exhibits and Sponsorships Chair

Mads Frost, Monsenso

Doctoral Consortium Track Chair

Rosa Arriaga, Georgia Tech

Publicity and Social Media Chair

Karina Caro, Drexel University

Publications Chair

Netzahualcoyotl Hernández-Cruz, Ulster University 

Local Chair

Sara Testa, FBK

Conference Manager

Dominika Belisova, EAI



EAI Institutional Members